About the spices

From ancient times people knew of and understood the beneficial and medicinal properties of spices. They have been used for thousands of years especially by the Asian nations for these purposes.

These spices improve the assimilation of proteins, fats and carbohydrates within the human digestive system, and this is why they should form an important part of people’s diets and nutritional plans.

Certain spices, like salt play a biologically important role in the various organs of the body; others are used for healing purposes.

Caraway, Mint – enhance the secretion of the liver and pancreas

Garlic, Onion – act as an antiseptic in specific measures.

Dill, Aniseed – can be used as a cure for gripes

Cinnamon – promotes the health of blood and holds antibacterial properties

Various spices provide diuretic and toning effects to the human body.

Different illnesses can be cured better with the use of spices than treatment through classical medicine. The wide spectrum of the possible applications of spices ranges from aiding digestives disorders, fighting high blood pressure to supporting therapies fighting cancers. Troubles with the nervous system also present a possibility for the application of spices.

The art of using spices extends above and beyond merely using them in the correct preparation of food. Every individual can establish and discover their own preferences and needs according to their age, their mood, and the seasons.

Black Pepper – contains ethereal oils and alkaloids one of which is piperin, a source of the heat found in black and white pepper. It provides the following benefits: toning, prevention of spasming, aiding diuretics, stimulating digestion by promoting the secretion of gastric fluids, increases the mobility of the small intenstinal villi, and as such improves the digestion of food. It is suitable for all meals that contain meat, some vegetarian meals, soups, sauces and marinades.

All Spice - with the characteristic scents of nutmeg, black pepper, and cinnamon, it has a strong flavor and should be used in moderation. It can revitalize, improve digestion, ease stress and pressure within the nervous system. It is suitable for steamed meat, fish, marinades, and is also a natural preservative.

Caraway – has a soothing effect, improves digestion – and in small quantities it helps to combat lung disease and anemia. It is suitable for meat and vegetable meals, home cured meat, cabbage, and savory pastries.

Cocoa – contains the alkaloid teobromine which provides a body toning effect. It can be used in the preparation of drinks, cakes, creams etc.

Bay Leaf – strengthens the immune system, and soothes, it is a natural preservant. It has a strong taste and should be used moderately. It is suitable for kebabs, meals with beef and lamb and game meats, kurban, marinades and preserving vegetables.

Marjoram – acts as a painkiller, an antidote to poisons as well as containing soothing properties. It is suitable for pizzas, soups, sauces, as well as steamed and oven-cooked meat meals.

Cinnamon – contains ethereal oils, prevents spasming, works to calm and soothe, and stimulates improved blood circulation, breathing and digestion. It is suitable for cakes, drinks, and creams.

Dill – prevents spasming and contains relaxative and relieving properties. It is suitable for meals containing lamb, tarator, vegetable meals, salads and sauces.

Nutmeg – helps with bronchial and liver based diseases. It can be dangerous when used in large quantities, so use carefully. It is used for sauces, meat and vegetable meals, soups, cakes and creams.